About us

OUmbilical Riser Flowline, or URF Ltd provides experts with over 25 years’ experience in the inspection and quality control of equipment within the petrochemical industry.

The company was established to supply qualified consultants and inspection representatives to examine a wide range of equipment for the oil and gas industry, including: umbilical fabrication; subsea hardware fabrication; module and topside fabrication; overland pipelines and flowlines; heat exchanger tubing; valve inspection; compressor and power stations.

Any company working within the petrochemical industry knows that safety, risk management and maximising output is of the utmost importance. In the petrochemical and oil and gas industries, if something goes wrong the consequences can be huge – projects can grind to a halt, people’s safety can be put at risk and precious time, money and resources can be lost. URF’s job is to make sure that does not happen.

Today URF sends its experts around the world to perform inspections on a variety of fabrication equipment, ensuring the client minimises risk and avoids costly mistakes.

The range of work URF does spans both onshore and offshore sites. While the company was founded in 2009, the experts at URF have experience dating back to the start of the 1990s, giving them rare and hugely valuable expertise when it comes to spotting, preventing and resolving problems.